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When you hear the word “mold” does it make you cringe?

When a home or business becomes infested with mold it not only can spread quickly but also can become potentially hazardous to one’s health.  The unsettling thing is that mold can be unseen to the human eye, so a basic cleaning will not suffice to ridding mold from your living quarters.  Early mold detection can be noted by the smell of water damage on:·

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Behind Wood Paneling
  • Behind Wallpaper
  • Underside Carpet or carpet padding

Producing symptoms of allergens and irritants, mold is not a problem you want to neglect.  It takes more than over the counter cleaning solutions.

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Mold Sources and Removal

Usually being a result from water damage due to fire, storm or flooding, mold will rapidly reproduce through the spores and spread quickly permeating surfaces and interiors.   Mold thrives in moist areas and surfaces; so proper mold remediation is necessary.

There are a variety of molds common in the home and workplace.  In large doses it can become toxic to humans and animals; causing mold symptoms such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Most common in building materials, improper drying methods and maintained surroundings such as roofs and windows can promote mold growth.

The Arizona Monsoon Season though short can cause potential mold issues.  As water saturation occurs a breeding ground is preparing as well for mold spores to populate.  When the mold is present, having a professional mold treatment and removal is vital.

Types of Mold Common in Arizona:

Aspergillus: The most dangerous and fastest growing species, this type of mold is found usually after flooding in basements, places that are humid or on inorganic materials.  These affected areas serve as food and a breeding ground for growth.  This type of mold can cause extreme allergies and respiratory damage and is why professionals should be the ones to treat and remove this mold from any home or place of business.

Cladosporium:  Though by nature this is found outside, this fungus can be found in damp and dark areas of the home.  Even though it’s nontoxic, it affects those who live with COPD or immune sensitivities.  Being classified as an airborne mold, its effects are when it is breathed in. Removal of this mold type should be done professionally.

Alternaria:  This mold is found in carpets flat surfaces and clothing.  It does not need heavy amounts of moisture to thrive.  In Arizona, this plant pathogen is a very common and is frequently found in drier climates. Once a flood or leak has taken place in your home, this mold will grow rapidly, so you should have a mold inspection scheduled promptly after water damage has been controlled.

Professional Mold Remediation vs. DIY Mold Removal:

As you have read mold found in the home is a serious issue and should not be ignored nor minimally treated.

Our professional technicians and staff are familiar with and are well equipped to make sure that proper and safe removal, remediation and abatement take place.  They are able to detect the mold, treat, clean and remove the harmful substances.

Remember, this will ensure a safe environment for you and those in your care either at home or work.  Killing mold needs to happen carefully and efficiently so that your home or place of business is restored to it’s useful order.

Mold and mildew treatment are done in a very detailed manner.  It’s more than just containing the surface area.  Mold travels as deep as the moisture have set.  So depending on the depth of the moisture damage you’ve succumbed to, the deeper and invasive the treatment needs to be.

So make sure you take precaution and use our reputable mold remediation services before invasive mold takes over.

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