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Reacting quickly to any water damage in your home or business can greatly reduce the cost for the repairs. Our proven abilities and expert restoration techniques will “get you out of hot water.” The longer the water sits the greater the damage it can cause. Do not wait to remove it.

Water can cause molds and spores to grow, it is critical to remove the water and moisture before that can happen.

All water leaks and water damage are not equal. The type of leak or type of water that has flooded the structure plays a big role in the severity of the damage. For instance, a sewage leak or backup is much more dangerous than a clean water leak.

Not only is the water quality that caused the damage important but so is what the water comes in contact with. If the flood waters mix with any chemicals or materials that are potentially hazardous then the water damage can be more serious. The contaminated water can spread the contaminants to wherever the water reaches.


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When faced with a water damage repair of any kind it is critical to take action quickly to remove the water and moisture. Even though the weather in the Phoenix AZ area is typically very dry, black mold and other health threatening organisms can grow quickly where there has been any type of flooding or flood damage. Different molds and spores grow where moisture exists and can cause severe health hazards and should not be ignored. Mold can start growing in as little as 24 hours. Prevent mold related illnesses by using our emergency restoration services.

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Flood Water Categories

Category 1 Water

Normally this is “clean” water such as a broken water valve below a sink. If this water does not mix with anything to create a hazardous combination it remains category 1.

Category 2 Water

This type of flood water contains enough chemical, physical or biological contaminants that can cause sickness and discomfort. This is also often known as “grey water.” It may contain micro-organisms that are harmful. Water from toilet bowls, sump pumps and seepage is included. Discharge from washing machines and dishwashers are also grey water.

Category 3 Water

Also known as “black water.” Harmful bacteria and fungi, as well as chemical contamination, are classified as type 3. These are tremendously unsanitary and can cause severe sickness. Sewage, ground surface water, river water and standing water are included as category 3. Water that originates after the water trap in a toilet is also included.

Classes of Water Damage

Class 1 Water and moisture that have a slow evaporation rate are class 1. Additionally, this damage only affects a part of the room or space. The materials in the room have a low ability to hold or trap moisture. They have a low porosity and permeance and will not hold water well.

Class 2 The entire room or space has been affected by the water leak or flood. Carpeting and padding may be saturated and the water may have wicked up the walls up to 24 inches. Because of a large amount of water in the room the evaporation rate can be very high causing high humidity in the surrounding areas.

Class 3 Water may be leaking from overhead affecting insulation, ceilings, walls, furniture, carpets, and padding. This class of water damage affects the entire area.

Class 4 This class requires specialty drying techniques. Even though the materials may be of low porosity or permeance such as hardwood flooring and concrete the area will require a low specific humidity for a period of time long enough to remove the moisture.


What to Expect When You Hire Us for Water Damage Restoration:

We are specialists in flood damage repairs. We remove water and moisture from your home or business and we clean up and make all the needed repairs and renovations. With our experienced eyes and knowledge, we know what to look for that may not be easily seen but will become a future problem. We are the future proofers of lingering water damage. Our skills in repairing all the damage and paying great attention to the details allow you to have confidence that the repairs are done right and will last.

We take care of:

  • Cosmetic Damage Repairs
  • Structural Damage Repairs
  • Drywall Replacement and Repair
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Painting
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Equipment Damage Repair and Replacement
  • Finish Work
  • Clean Up

We work with you and your insurance company to reduce and minimize the stress and strain of repairing your home or business after a water damage or fire damage event.

Our staff is empathetic and understanding of your situation and we will provide you with top notch professional service and results. Your recommendation to others is a great compliment to our abilities and workmanship standards for damage restoration and we strive to earn your recommendation on every job, small or large.

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Let us bring your home or business back to healthy, safe and happy conditions. Call today and remove the problem fast.

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